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Our Services
Resume and Cover Letter Creative Writing, Design and Formatting.

What we need from you?

What do you need to bring in to get your resume done?

Starting from scratch?  Working with an older or out-of-date resume?  This is the place to come for help. 
Job descriptions can be helpful. The more you have to offer, the more we have to work with.

Bring in whatever you have to offer:

As much information about who your resume is directed to.  What types of positions, areas of interest.
What is your target industry (s). 
The more we know about who and what types of companies will be looking at your resume,
the better we can help you to tailor it to meet your objectives.

We need to know:+
  • Contact information
  • Responsibilities
  • Accomplishments
  • Special skills
  • Employment history,
  • Educational background
  • Training
  • Certifications in your field.

What do you do and what does your company/organization do?

Also helpful:
Numbers tell a story. 

Did you increase sales or market share? How much? 
Established contacts with key new accounts. 

Implemented procedures that resulted in a significant cost or time savings?

We will help you to promote yourself.

To get started

Call to schedule an appointment.
Resumes are completed in 2 in-person appointments.  
Most work is completed in about 3 days depending upon availability and the amount of work needed to complete your project. 

First appointment is like an interview. 
You will get feedback on your existing resume (if provided).  We'll ask you additional questions to further develop your resume and we will show you some examples of other resumes.

Final appointment 
We will show you a completed resume which we will go over with you making any changes and additions to it until you are completely satisfied.  

You will receive copies of your resume ready to be sent out immediately and you will also get an electronic copy for you to send online or edit as needed.

All resumes are kept on file for  you to come back at a later time to update or make changes to as your career goals expand over time.  

Making your ideas a reality